About Us 

"Kirzhach Tool Plant" Plc

Our company has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality turning cutters since 1934. We focus on making lathe cutters with plates of solid carbide allow and cutters of rapid tool steel.

For several decades, we have successfully exported our products to Europe.

Our factory is equipped with versatile milling and lathe machines, equipment for soldering carbide blades, welding various grades of rapid tool steel, and machinery for heat treatment of rapid tool steels grades.

Our success is due to the convenient location of our production facilities in Central Russia, Vladimir region, the city of Kirzhach, just 100 km away from Moscow.


The production floor space is more than 45,000 sq m (15,000 sq m premises and 30,000 sq m outdoor space).

Our company employs 324 workers.


Our factory’s maximum output is 200,000 turning cutters per month.